Plaintiff Beats Anon Hackers Served Court Papers via NFT

The plaintiff has taken legal action against anonymous hackers by serving them court papers through a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

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Serving someone court papers via NFT is probably one of the coolest use cases lol

In a way it makes total sense – because the court can verify the documents were received by using a blockchain explorer.

Just unfortunate in this case because the hackers remain unidentified.


TLDR; so a group of unknown hackers who stole this dude’s money (1 million usd worth!) were put on trial by the plaintiff and the judge ruled in his favor. Issue is, though everything is on the blockchain, no one knows who they are (YET), so the judge permitted the sentence be sent to the defendants via NFT. And once their identities are found out, they will be forced to pay WITH INTEREST.


Interesting. But a hollow victory without any means to collect.


Weird to sue someone you don’t know and who you cannot trace or punish


New use-case for NFT’s?


I would have sold it for 25 Matic.


On one hand it seems perhaps to be a slightly fruitless exercise for a court to serve papers to a fake profile wallet / etc – but on the other hand, I guess it does then add legitimacy to recovery efforts if/as/when assets hit an exchange or similar.

Things might need to work a bit more quickly in the future if it’s to be effective though.


I think all court cases should be 100% anonymous.


Nice to see courts leveraging innovative technologies to track down and serve justice to these script kiddies. Solid win for the plaintiff, but ultimately a drop in the ocean compared to the cybercrime that’s yet to come. Stay vigilant and secure those wallets, ladies and gents.




Court Papers up on sale on Opensea for 1 Eth !




Lol what a baller move


So it’s possible the hackers try to incriminate someone else by doing something trying to link the wallets identity to someone else. If this starts to happen it won’t be good news


Haha this is pretty funny besides getting airdropped a rug nft you get a sentenced.


tldr; A federal judge in Florida has ruled in favor of a plaintiff who sued anonymous hackers and issued formal notice of the legal action via NFT. The hackers are on the hook for $971,291 worth of Tether that they stole from plaintiff Rangan Bandyopadhyay’s wallet in December 2021. The perpetrators have been ordered to pay the equivalent amount back.

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Ain’t that some justice and use case

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