PlayStation Project Q handheld reportedly has 3-4 hour battery life

Rumor has it that the battery life of the PlayStation Project Q handheld device is between 3-4 hours.

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From the article: “PlayStation is getting a new handheld, but it won’t be a Vita successor or a Switch competitor. It doesn’t even stream games via the cloud similar to the Logitech G Cloud. The new PlayStation device, codenamed Project Q, exclusively supports Remote Play functionality over Wi-Fi and is basically two halves of a DualSense controller split between an 8-inch HD screen.”

Does not feel innovative or even keeping pace with current technologies


Who is this even for?


So it streams games over WiFi like the Wii U game pad?


You can already do this with an ipad


Kinda bad guys


This device seems like it was made by committee, and it’s going to fail in a big way.


What is that? Battery life for ants?


Sounds awful


It’s basically a wii u gamepad…

The difference being the wii u gamepad was a required component of that console, so games could be built with it in mind. This will work more like the gamepad but only for off-TV play.

Off-TV play alone I don’t think will be enough to justify buying one of these. I would be surprised if this does well.


Unless this has non existent latency i have no idea what this is for, you can literally stream to any android device already through the remote play app.


The more I hear about this, the stupider it feels 😅


This is a dumb product…yes. However, a dumb product can sell if it’s priced appropriately. Anything over $200 and you can just pick it up on clearance in less than a year.


Apologize to the Wii U


I just don’t see the point of this thing, if I have to have the game installed on my ps5 I may as well just play it on the big screen.


So a steam deck but worse in every way?


Motherfuckers never learnt from the failures that were the Wii U and Stadia?

Instead they combined them together???!!!


Can’t you already do this with Steam remote play on like any device?
My Steam Deck will give me like 7 hours streaming from my desktop. How does this thing have such terrible battery life?


Considering how jank remote play was on my iPad with wifi 6, I can’t honestly say that this interests me.


I’ve found myself playing my switch in handheld a lot recently around the house just because I find it comfortable to play on my bed, chair, or in whatever position I like.

But this is kind of ridiculous


Lol that’s it ?!


I can already remote play from my phone if I really feel like it. They even have that controller attachment thing so it’s basically the same shit.


I don’t understand, remote play works if you are outside of your PS5s Wi-Fi network (on vacation). Why wouldn’t this? People claiming this only works over home Wi-Fi?


So half the battery life of a Switch… gotcha


Streaming only and has 3-4 hours battery life. I mean why did they even bother!? Man I miss the days of the PSP…


The first handheld console made specifically for a toilet! Playstation Qaqa.


My knee jerk, like everyone’s on the internet has been to dunk on this…

BUT… I wonder if they will shock everyone with a relatively low price. I know… I don’t EXPECT that either. But if they drop this at say… $149, isn’t that at least viable for a niche audience of people that may want to play on a handheld around the house when “the big TV” is in use by someone else?


Ok, I will show myself out then.


Anyone here actually looking forward to this? If it’s like $100 I would maybe check it out but I can’t see them charging less than $250.


Who asked for this thing, who was so inconvenienced by the 5 min toilet break from gaming on the ps5/tv that they needed a device in the shitter that could stream their gameplay.
Do kids really value screen next to controller more than screen separated from controller?
Also why is it a 1st party product by Sony. Why didn’t they just leave it as an app for the mobile? Why not make it a bit smarter and let it emulate older gen games? Why is it just a ps5 controller glued to a Wi-Fi enabled display?
How is the jobber who designed this employed at play station?


They need to move that fucking thing to an ARM processor or something lol that’s garbage battery life in 2023. My 16” MacBook does 16 hours.


Not sure why people are bad mouthing it, if you dont like, dont buy it. Simple, not that hard right? Move on people. I will 100% be buying it cause i want one and have disposable income to use.

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