Pornhub owner MindGeek sold to Ottawa private equity firm

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Porn hub will now be leveraged for every cent it can borrow until bankruptcy


Personally I’m looking forward to more hockey and syrup themed porn


Is this a part of Ryan Reynolds spending spree?


Excerpt from the linked content^1 by Joe Lofaro:

>MindGeek, the Montreal-based parent company of the controversial website Pornhub, has been acquired by a private equity firm.

>Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), an Ottawa-based firm, announced Thursday it is taking over the company, which has faced criticism in recent years for allegedly hosting illegal content, including child sexual abuse material, on the world’s largest porn site.

>ECP’s website describes itself as a firm that seeks “investment and advisory opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership.”

>The terms of the deal are not being made public. MindGeek, which was founded in Montreal in 2004, has a vast portfolio that also includes other pornographic properties, such as YouPorn, Redtube, Brazzers,, and Sean Cody.

^1 Joe Lofaro for CTV/Bell Canada, 16 Mar. 2023,


Anyone noticed a lot of erotic stuff on Porn Hub is disappearing? I have to look on other porn sites for the good stuff


Is this why they disabled the app?


A few years ago I bought a “lifetime premium membership” for a crazy discount. I wonder if it will continue being valid and if any changes made drive amateur content creators away or more towards the site. Before the whole Mastercard/visa fiasco, their ModelHub program was pretty popular with creators. It easily allowed things like tipping and custom personal video requests. But that sort of fell apart and then all the best content creators moved to OnlyFans instead as it was much easier to make income there.
I’m not against onlyfans, but I much prefer a wider selection of content creators than only subscribing to just a handful at a time. Am hopeful this change will bring some innovation to the platform as it’s basically sat unchanged for several years now since the big purge. The move to verified user uploads was definitely a step in the right direction, just wish it was implemented before it became a big problem legally for the site. Will be interesting to see if this is net positive or not in the long term now under new ownership


As long as the free porn pipe keeps flowing, don’t care


Say goodbye to MindGeek


Is this why the mobile app was killed?


I’m no sellout 😡


The Pornhub documentary on Netflix is pretty good.


Ever since I got a tip that bing search let’s you view full videos my porn game has changed.


Ontario Teachers Pension Fund?


This is like the company called “100% Beef “ supplying the burgers to McDonald’s. Now a smut porn site it owned by a “Ethical Investment” company. BS this country is getting to be.


Say goodbye


I hope they create a battle pass system like Fortnite, get sweet unlocks as you complete porn quests, unlocking new stars each season. Reach your crank down milestone each season.


Like its can change anything.. who tf cares?


Ryan Reynolds’s got some cash! Lol


They’ve reached the “orange state”.

Squeeze it dry and throw it away.

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