Re-using first public address with multisig key… secure?

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That would be a serious privacy breach affecting all the people who transact with them. The blockchain is not intended to show the fund balance of an organization at one address. The public nature of the chain is for proving

* that a coin existed before it was spent

* that a coin was not spent more than once

###The Bitcoin blockchain is not a financial governance tool


When you spend coins from an address that has been used multiple times to receive, you need to produce multiple signatures at once. These multiple signatures might potentially be used to derive your private key and gain ownership of your coins. All known vulnerabilities that would allow this kind of exploits have been fixed as of now, but this doesn’t rule out the possibility of unknown vulnerabilities. [[source](] I don’t know if and to what extent this applies to multisig wallets though.


Couldn’t you just use the xpub for the wallet? Anyone with the xpub can see all addresses in that wallet. I don’t know of it’s a good idea at all but it’s how you normally share your wallet balance with yourself.

I wouldn’t reuse addresses. Something something leaking data and private keys.

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