Reddit was hacked last month, and it going down this week should be a reminder for everyone to back up their Vaults on another wallet, set 2FA.

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The more moons increase in the value, the more attempts hackers will make to take it from you


Even if the reddit accounts were hacked, wouldn’t the hacker still need mnemonic phrase to restore the wallet??

NB: Correct me if I’m wrong


Good reminder OP, some people here have a significant amount of wealth in their vaults.


I’ll die protecting my two moons


Everyone PM me your seed phrases, I am making a vault to store them all


Can you explain a bit more how does restoring my wallet in another wallet help, and why adding arbitrum nova?


And please don’t use any Cloud storage service like Evernote to store your seed phrase. Do a manual physical backup, keep the seed phrase in your locker and let it be safe.


That’s why I would like our moons to be in a ledger, but that would hurt our KM! With moons being so valuable and Reddit NFTs too we’re the target for scammers.


This is all to complicated, this is bs why am I hearing this from you instead of Reddit. Think I’ll just delete the app just to be safe maybe it’s too late now… anyway I don’t care about moons but I do care about not being hacked!


I have 1000 coins. what am I supposed to do with them.


Reddit messaged me about 2FA this morning, my heart stopped because I thought it was an alert about someone trying to access my account


Never ever store your password and seed phrase online!

Get a pencil and paper and store it in a safe spot.


Grab a pencil and paper and write those seed words down the simple and safest way.


Hold on, if i can get to see my seed phrase on my reddit app, and a hacker gets into my account, he/she will also be able to see my seed phrase… so how does that work?

Dont really care about my 342 moons but still…


Learned two things from this post. Thank you.


I’ve tried setting up 2FA multiple times but never been able to figure out how to do it from mobile. Thanks op.


Great reminder!!


Thanks for this post 🙂


If you still have your seed written down you can import to a different wallet and access your moons. So if reddit is up or down, you still have precious moon accessibility


My account is connected to Google, and I don’t have a password.

Do I need to create one ?


i don’t keep my crypto linked to my reddit account, dont really have anything to lose if this account gets hacked other than the account age tbh


Hadn’t considered the fact that my seed is available from my reddit account too. I imported the seed to metamask so I’ve been using it to trade other stuff, this a potential security risk.
Thanks op, gotta move some funds :p


Friendly reminder for us all to take the proper measures that keep us safe. Thanks OP I was completely unaware of what actually happened. Stay safe everyone and keep those seed phrases secure and well kept.


Why is this the first time I’m reading about it??
Reddit got hacked!! That’s bad news!!! They have to tell us that same week


So I’m trying to recover my old account. Sucks. This is a very important post. Thanks OP


Also don’t store your seed in online places like Evernote!!

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