Researchers discover brute-force attack that can bypass Android phone fingerprint locks | It doesn’t work on iOS devices

Researchers have uncovered a new type of brute-force attack that can bypass the fingerprint locks on Android phones. Unfortunately, this attack does not work on iOS devices.

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“but they’d also require access to a fingerprint database from either biometric data leaks or academic datasets”

It needs your biometric data


Title is slightly misleading.

There are two zero-day bugs that allow for brute forcing Android fingerprint readers. The brute forcing technique they used, which requires inexpensive hardware and a few hours, provides a few extra guesses on iOS. More fingers enrolled means easier cracking.

The physical data interface of the biometric scanner on Androids is also unprotected, apparently.


Okay but does it work on the latest Android version?

Google Pixel 5a on Android 13 got a security update May 5th.


This article is so misleading that I’d frankly call it misinformation. This is tested on MULTIPLE YEARS OLD versions of Android!


Incidentally, my brother can unlock my iPhone with his face. I’m pretty sure this is 2nd gen Face ID too (iPhone XR). We do look pretty similar, but not unusually so, and we’re not twins. Even if we were, this shouldn’t be a problem. I remember when Face ID first game out, Apple claimed that not even your twin could unlock it.


You could literally remove 99% of all security features on my Android and I’d still never buy an iphone.


I like the paid Apple ad


I’ve bypassed fingerprint readers on phones, it isn’t difficult.


Sponsored by Apple!


To be fair, no one buys an Android device with any expectation that it will be secure.


This is an ad for apple?



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