Satoshi didn’t create BTC for us to worry about the 10-year bond rate or interest rates in general.

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BTC wasn’t created for speculation as well


Most people just want to get rich and do not care about the higher purpose.


We are still on track to see BTC reach 100K by the end of 2021, maybe by Q25


It will break the umbilical cord one day, still have time.


It was these ties that drove crypto prices up. Without them btc would be at 500$ lmao


I work with market infrastructure and regulators, the traditional banking system has many, many issues but it has nothing on the current state of crypto, which can only be described as the Wild West


That’s why it’s maybe smarter to hold your assets in BTC instead of stablecoins right now!


Most people at /r/cryptocurrency don’t even care/respect the invention of the pseudonymous entity we know as satoshi.


> I mean to laugh because it’s better than being upset

Has been my motto for years lol welcome to the club comrade


Bitcoin is decentralized and meant to avoid reliance on banks and centralized points of failure.

Stable coins largely are the opposite of these things.


A bank crash effecting the price of crypto is exactly the opposite of what crypto was meant to do


Satoshi, 2023: Look at me, I’m the peg now.


CEX and banks were literally the things bitcoin was trying to remove. First page, 2nd paragraph.

>***What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party***

repeat this like a mantra, without the need for a trusted third party, without the need for a trusted third party, without the need for a trusted third party, without the need for a trusted third party, without the need for a trusted third party


Satoshi created Bitcoin, but the stupid humans didn’t know how to use it


He also didn’t create it for us to draw pictures of monkeys on but here we are.


They also didn’t create BTC to put unicorns on the moon but let’s talk about it.


Satoshi is not a fucking god. BTC is shit. It is a nice proof of concept that has grown. Almost every single legit blockchain after BTC is better than that junk. You just feed whales buying it. They live here to try to milk the stupid newbs.


This is what baffles me. They hire thousands of experts and that’s the best thing they can come up with? 10-year bonds? We’ve been talking about raising interest rates for months now. What the fuck. Monkey with a calculator would probably make better decisions than SVB…


Agree, agree, agree…

Stable coins have always been a bad idea. They are the opposite of what crypto is supposed to be about.

None of this stuff should be surprising if you actually understand why crypto was created in the first place.


I miss the days when I didn’t know or care about some CPI, FOMC, PPI and other shit…


Bitcoin was made for this. Not to spike in price, but to protect from the centralized entities


All these crypto blowups just keep reaffirming the reason bitcoin exists.


I never believed in stablecoins as well. My thought was how can a crypto/ stablecoin remain stable, permanently, when the currency that “backs” it is not. Matter of fact, all currencies fluctuate in price every minute.


If people allow these bullshit CEX’s to decide the value, this is how it’ll play out.


Satoshi also didn’t create BTC for the millions of other cryptos to suddenly pop up..but here we are


It was created as a digital peer to peer cash. But let’s face it, nobody uses it as money. The network will die big people actually did use it as money.


No one cares why Satoshi created Bitcoin. We use Bitcoin today as a tool to generate more fiat. Bitcoin may have had different use cases, but now it exists to buy low and sell high.


still waiting to pump in 3 years , that’s my thought and this is my quote : BTC still BTC


Once again bank is messed up us


Rip satoshi ‘13


I’m Satoshi and I just want to tell that you are wrong. I created BTC exactly for you to.worry about the 10 year bond rate


“Satoshi died for our sins” – Jesus Christ of Nazareth


Beautifully said.


The NSA created Bitcoin to move money anonymously. But much like the dark web, if they don’t open it to the masses it’s worthless


Are we going to have a Black Monday 2023?


It appears that SVB made a risky decision by investing in 10-year bonds with a low return. However, it’s possible that their decision was motivated by a desire for stability. Unfortunately, this decision has proven to be a costly one. It’s interesting to note that Circle has a positive relationship with regulators, which has led to their compliance with traditional banking systems. This compliance has attracted investors, but it’s important to remember that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a response to the fraudulent nature of traditional banking. Hal Finney had an astute understanding of the risks associated with these systems, and it seems that his warnings have been proven correct once again. This serves as a reminder that bank runs are not a new phenomenon.


He create BTC knowing something better will be born from it and it’s MOON!!

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