Snowden on Nostr says Lightning feels like another planet

Snowden on Nostr says Lightning feels like another planet

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Where can I read up on this? I find it a bit hard to find some content lol


my issue with nostr is that there’s nothing about the protocol that ensures decentralization as networks scale up.

bitcoin has made many sacrifices and was designed specifically from the beginning to be decentralized, and it takes a lot of work.

nostr should be described as an open protocol, not a decentralized one. much like http, over time large centralized relays are likely to dominate.

nostr claims to achieve decentralization without p2p, which is arguably impossible.


waiting for a nice UI and android app.


Nostr is the truth. Allows anyone to code their own social media and payments platform. Astral feels like a better Twitter + Venmo wrapped into one.


What Nostr


Wasn’t he insulting Bitcoin not long ago? Concerned about privacy and not interested in “Lightning nonsense”?

Thought I read that somewhere.


Nostr is like IRC also called Mirc on the 90s.

Its not usable at least for now.

It still needs a LOT of development.


Is he shilling some more shit?


Connect on #Nostr folks: npub10wv37amdqnv8edw5yktgsxr62g8k4lqkk2u66fk6c6uwuakzssxsf4v22x


How do you keep from committing a felony by relaying CP?


Hmmm…. Guy is larping a bit here. Maybe he was dealing with Bitcoin from 2013, but he was certainly shitting on it in favour of PrIvAcY cOiNs until recently.


Is this just news groups with blockchain?


What he actually means is he bought some weed from The Silk Road 2.


I’ve tried Damus and Iris on iOS, and both clients are buggy as hell. The UI/UX is utterly terrible, and has been for over a year already, despite constant new releases.

I don’t see how this can ever scale. If you follow just five very active users, like for example Jack Dorsey, the home timeline turns into a noisy mess.

Very often an update rolls out and all your private messages and notifications just disappear forever.


Oh yeah, Russian asset is a role model now, apparently.

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