Something to think about on down days/during the Bear market

I have been stacking bitcoin as much as possible by delivering pizzas. Since senior year of high school more than a year ago now I started to put every single TIP I received into bitcoin in a daily DCA. I see it like a noble act almost as if i’m taking the dirty fiat out of circulation (really i’m just storing my hard work, but i’d like to view it as i’m slowly pushing the world closer to bitcoin) As you can imagine the dollar amount of that savings has gone down substantially the past months. Although my total bitcoin has skyrocketed these past months. The longer it stays down the more I am going to accumulate and i couldn’t be happier with that. Just remember No matter what the price does i’m DCAing with my TIPS daily, and I assume there are people here doing similar stacking methods. It’s interesting and amazing to think on any given day, Bitcoiners are providing value globally and storing it in the same interconnected blockchain that doesn’t discriminate between gender, race, creed or location. It almost seems dystopian that it’s even possible. Bitcoin seems as obvious to me as I imagine the internet must have been in 1998-2000 to those paying attention.

#daysduring #Bear #market

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!lntip 25000 put that in you pipe and smoke it

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