Swan is making major changes to their platform.

Gain access to all US states, validate Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain, and update your direct deposit with new custody and banking partners!

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Yay NY! Coinbase has been nice, but cheaper withdraws and especially auto-sending to my cold wallet has me sold. Hate when my DCA hits and i got to go into Coinbase, see the charts and how much it was bought for when sending it to my cold wallet


Excellent news! Ditching those Prime Trust douches.


Insurance up to $250mil? Do you need to store your keys on their servers for that policy to take effect?


What I hate about Swan, is their Shorts in youtube that make Bitcoin political.

Bitcoin doesnt care about what China or the US or the Dems or GOP, so fck Swan for that. They are trying to push Bitcoiner into this or that politics view.

Bitcoin does not need this or that country or this or that party, that is why I have Swan blocked in my youtube.


Swan KYC is too much to handle.

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