Banks To Innovate With Caution On Crypto-Asset-Related Activities – Fed Official

A Federal Reserve official has warned banks to be cautious when innovating with crypto-asset-related activities. The official noted that banks should be aware of the risks associated with these activities, such as money laundering, fraud, and cyber security. He also noted that banks should ensure that they have the necessary systems and controls in place … Read more

Are there protocols that integrate both offline and online activities?

Cryptocurrency is primarily digital, but I believe it will become more widely accepted when it can offer value both online and in the physical world. While I haven’t been able to locate many projects that have offline components, are there any that have some activity that is not just limited to the internet? #protocols #integrate … Read more

I want to do some suspicious activities online, but my father is a senior cybersecurity analyst in Mossad (Israeli central intelligence agency). Is there any way he could detect my web history if I use TOR with VPN (assuming he has no access to my machine)?

Hello! How are you doing today? Hi there! I’m doing great, how about you? #suspicious #activities #online #father #senior #cybersecurity #analyst #Mossad #Israeli #central #intelligence #agency #detect #web #history #TOR #VPN #assuming #access #machine

Why is crypto = for criminals seen as a legitimate argument? Bitcoin, the most used crypto in crime (not XMR), accounted for less than 1% of illicit activities from 2017-2020

I am very new to crypto and one of the first things I heard about it was its connection to crime. I didn’t know how to respond when it’s brought up so I decided to check if it was true.   Enter [this independent report]( published earlier this year. The 3 primary authors are: * … Read more