Huobi announced it is also affected by the FTX Bankruptcy. Huobi announced that $18.1 million in crypto couldn’t be withdrawn on FTX, and $13.2m are customer assets while $5m are Huobi’s assets.

The FTX contagion will take weeks if not months to be realized fully, Huobi has now announced that it has been affected by the FTX bankruptcy. They have $18.1 million in crypto that can’t be withdrawn on FTX. $13.2Mare customer assets, with $5M being their own assets. Their solution is to get a $14m unsecured … Read more

[PSA] Serious security vulnerability in TOR BROWSER [ALL VERSIONS AFFECTED]

Upgrade Tor Browser to the latest release (11.0.13) immediately where possible and ensure you have JavaScript Disabled in Tor Browser at all times, as always. This vulnerability is present in Firefox, and so affects all previous Tor Browser versions < 11.0.13. Affects all platforms, including Tails, as detailed in their warning below. They cannot currently … Read more