Anonymity question.

Creating an account on the internet over a VPN connection. Only used under a VPN connection on a Linux distro like Debian, Fedora, Arch, etc. Later a person forgets and deletes there cookies, closes there browsers, turns off there VPN, and desids to brows with Tor. Signs into that account over Tor, would this break … Read more

Total anonymity

So I’ve looked up potentially sketchy stuff, I’m wondering how big of a paper trail I’m really leaving. I use tails, and Ubuntu as my daily driver, but I have a gd iPhone. I use brave browser, but also gmail etc. how can I be more safe? #Total #anonymity

Best Operating Systems for Anonymity: Comparing Titans

There are plenty of operating systems aimed at achieving online anonymity. But how many of them are really good? I think that not many. Below I want to suggest several Linux distributions that can help to solve numerous privacy\anonymity issues. Tails OS Tails is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed to provide privacy and anonymity. … Read more