Is the fungibility argument against bitcoin a legitimate one?

For example, one interview I saw recently claimed that since property (like artwork for example) can be legally reclaimed if proven to be stolen, the same can be applied to bitcoin. So if your bitcoin was somehow linked to coins previously stolen, the gov can put a lien against your coins or something like that. … Read more

The “decentralization is expensive” argument has become completely irrelevant. Its getting cheaper cheaper each passing day

At this point there’s no excuse to be using CeFi over DeFi especially after the most recent scandals happening in the CeFi space from FTX, to BlockFi, to Celsius. One major argument used to be that DeFi has high gas fees. And while that indeed used to be the hard reality, it is no longer … Read more

How do you counter the argument that Bitcoin has no real world utility and therefore has no value?

Been hit with this a lot lately and looking for some strong arguments in support of BTC. Disclaimer I support BTC and would love to see it overtake the USD as a reserve currency. A few points that need flushed out/some critical thoughts on: 1. The barriers to “normies” getting into BTC are too high. … Read more

Why is crypto = for criminals seen as a legitimate argument? Bitcoin, the most used crypto in crime (not XMR), accounted for less than 1% of illicit activities from 2017-2020

I am very new to crypto and one of the first things I heard about it was its connection to crime. I didn’t know how to respond when it’s brought up so I decided to check if it was true.   Enter [this independent report]( published earlier this year. The 3 primary authors are: * … Read more