Today, I read the earliest Bitcoin article in a major publication I could find. It’s amazing how far we’ve come and what is still the same

Earlier today, I was interested in finding and reading the earliest Bitcoin article by a major publication. I came across this article by The New Yorker- [](, titles “The Crypto-Currency: Bitcoin and its mysterious inventor.” (I apologize for the pay-wall if you hit it, The New Yorker only allows 1 free read). The article was … Read more

[ARTICLE] [OPSEC] Lessons Taken From The Silk Road Takedown & DPR A.K.A Ross Ulbricht.

=============== Introduction =============== Generally, it appears that Ross Ulbricht was applying his economic and techno-libertarian philosophy to real life. As his project grew, his security posture improved – too late. The most serious mistakes that Ross Ulbricht made were made during the period Jan 2011 – Oct 2011. A full timeline of the events in … Read more