How Irish farmers turn cow dung into digital gold (Bitcoin)

Irish farmers have found a way to turn cow dung into digital gold by mining Bitcoin. By using a special machine, they are able to convert the methane gas produced by the cow dung into electricity, which is then used to power the computers that mine Bitcoin. This process is not only environmentally friendly, but … Read more

As China and Russia Accelerate in De-dollarizing the World, Bitcoin Is Your Best Bet to Keep Power Over Your Money. Bitcoin gives you certainty in a future world that is more uncertain than ever.

As the US Dollar’s global dominance is challenged by China and Russia, Bitcoin is the best way to ensure you maintain control over your money. In a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable, Bitcoin provides a reliable and secure way to protect your finances. #China #Russia #Accelerate #Dedollarizing #World #Bitcoin #Bet #Power #Money #Bitcoin #certainty … Read more

Bitcoin Millionaire Tim Draper Advises Startups to Keep Bitcoin as a Hedge Against a ‘Domino’ Run on the Banks

Tim Draper, a Bitcoin millionaire, has advised startups to keep Bitcoin as a safeguard against a potential ‘domino’ effect on banks. He believes that Bitcoin can provide a secure and reliable alternative to traditional banking systems. He also believes that it can help protect businesses from the potential risks associated with a banking crisis. Draper … Read more

How do I add money to my Electrum Bitcoin Wallet and Is there any ‘anonymous’ way to do so?

Adding money to your Electrum Bitcoin wallet is a relatively simple process. The first step is to acquire some Bitcoin. You can do this by buying it from an online exchange, or by accepting it as payment for goods or services. Once you have acquired some Bitcoin, you can then transfer it to your Electrum … Read more

Pleb Miner Month EP4 | Bitcoin Minings Statistics, Hash Rate is going up, Hash value is going up

The fourth installment of Pleb Miner Month is here, and the Bitcoin mining statistics are looking good! The hash rate is on the rise, and the hash value is increasing as well. This is great news for miners, as it means more rewards for their efforts. Keep an eye on the Pleb Miner Month updates … Read more