What are some Tor-only sites where I can submit anonymous confessions and later read reactive commentaries to each of those confessions?

I want to read how people feel about my confessions that I’d not even dare divulge to my therapist. So I’d like to know about sites only accessible on Tor where we can submit and comment on confessions. Thanks. #Toronly #sites #submit #anonymous #confessions #read #reactive #commentaries #confessions

Honest Confessions Thread

Hi, lets make this thread about guilty confessions. I’ll start. I have a post-sexual gratification for slashing car tires. Seeing hundereds of car tires, vulnerable, just ready to be penetrated by my knife, icepick, or long-nail. Innocent tires, waiting by the side of the road, unprotected, virgin tires parked on bridges, with no security cameras … Read more