My pop asked me, ‘so OP, how much dough did you do on bitcoin? I’ve heard it crashed’.

And to that, I said. “$0. I haven’t sold, so I haven’t lost anything. I bought the majority of my current bag at $28-29k, and I’ve just bought more during these low prices, and will buy even more if it keeps going down further, along with my regular DCA.” I could see on his face … Read more

Solana is being wiped out. TVL has crashed to $280m and out of top 10 after losing 67% this month alone. It was close to $1bn at the start of the month. Down 97% from peak

DeFi on Solana is being wiped out, so to speak. At the start of the month, TVL on the chain was close to $1bn. Now it has crashed to $280m and is out of top 10. [Top chains by TVL]( ​ [The crash has been nothing short of spectacular]( At the peak of the bull … Read more

Drive Crashed with full node wallet on it, need a bitcoin wallet with remote node

Until I can get a new drive or computer. Does anyone have a suggestion on which bitcoin wallet would do this. Iirc electrum was an option but it’s been awhile. I was using bitcoin core with the full blockchain on my computer, cause I’m anal on security but I’m in a jam and need to … Read more