Matching an encryption key when the vendor name or "email address" doesn't match the market name.

I feel kind of dumb asking this because I’ve been using markets since Agora and always pgp manually. Lately, esp since tails switched from gnugpg to keopatra I’ve had occasions where I’m trying to encrypt a message but I have to spend and inordinate amount of time finding the right key to use because what … Read more

Someone really doesn't want us up

We are receiving a DDOS attack which will cause site slowdown and introduction point instability. I’m rolling out new fronts as the load grows and hopefully in the coming hours we will get more stable. If you are a premium user in the /d/lounge I will be posting a few temporary URL you can visit … Read more

???????????? Alphabay Doesn't Meet Dreads Minimum Market Standards? ????????????

/u/paris kudos for the market standards page /page/marketstandards/. Very transparent I noticed that a market must meet the minimum standards + check off some bonuses. Rejection #1: No bond or extremely low bond (minimum $250 USD) Alphabay bond is 1.5XMR or $185 USD. our bond is so low —Phrack Yes buddy it is. Probably not … Read more