Lightning door

This door is designed to protect your home from lightning strikes. It is made of a special material that is highly resistant to electrical currents, and it is designed to divert the energy of a lightning strike away from your home. The door also has a built-in grounding system that helps to further protect your … Read more

Package got stuck at customs almost 2 weeks and no cops ring door

Its been now more then 2 weeks and it still says ‘International arrival – awaiting clearance’ This means it got stuck at the customs I am sure about that because every package I received from this vendor always passed customs after 4-5 hours. Anyways I haven’t received any cops that ring the door or just … Read more

That's all folks. What a damn shame. Another one shoved out the door. Versus obituary

/u/WilliamGibson Wow. What a big disappointment and so the field of players narrows even further. I was so hoping that you would return with third finger pointing prominently into the air to announce that you ain’t down for the count at all and will not be pushed out of the scene by those who would … Read more