[Review] Hells OG Kush – REAL Top Shelf Flower from drgreenthumb4201

Vendor drgreenthumb4201 Market Direct Contact [email protected] Product 28g Flower Cost 260 Stealth Proper visual, odor barrier, labeled strain and weight Summary I’m never shy to try one of DGTs premium harvests. The quality of this weed is just off the chain. Photos | Photo 1 | Photo 2 Strain Info This strain was developed by … Read more

Review – Live Hash Rosin, Live Resin Badder and Flower – drgreenthumb4201

I apologize in advance if you feel this review is long, boring or incoherent. I’m super high….. Vendor drgreenthumb4201 Market Versus, Bohemia, Alphabet, DD via Telegram (Will update when I get it). Contact [email protected] Product 2g Live Hash Rosin, 14g Live Resin Badder, 28g Flower Cost 545 total incl shipping Shipping Time 3 days Packaging … Read more