Low Tech Low Cost secure seed phrase solution – Removes any need for expensive proprietary hardware wallets for secure long term Bitcoin storage.

You have 12 (or 24) words that must be kept secret secure and accessible. You select a book and find where each of those twelve words first occur within the books main text. You encode where the words are found eg- p3w49 etc. You write down the encoded location of the words. This text can … Read more

The “decentralization is expensive” argument has become completely irrelevant. Its getting cheaper cheaper each passing day

At this point there’s no excuse to be using CeFi over DeFi especially after the most recent scandals happening in the CeFi space from FTX, to BlockFi, to Celsius. One major argument used to be that DeFi has high gas fees. And while that indeed used to be the hard reality, it is no longer … Read more

Ordered 2 things, one arrived, but it was the more expensive one. Did I get scammed or did the vendor ship them in two different envelopes and one got

I banaged to order like half a day before the whole crypto market crashed. The vendor had good reviews on the market, but here there were somefake looking accounts promoting him, but also some definetly real ones. Now if only the cheaper one arrived, or smaller quantites arrived, then i could understand that but now … Read more