Canvas Fingerprint

I am used to changing my hardware fingerprints (canvas, webgl, fonts, audio context) to prevent my browser of being fingerprinted by 3rd party site but when I check my canvas fingerprint on webbrowsertools(dot)com the API is always capable to tell if my canvas fingerprint is spoofed or not so does pixelscan(dot)net. When I don’t change … Read more

CreepJS (Browser fingerprint), potential warning.

CreepJS (Browser Fingerprinting tool), written in JavaScript can uniquely identify your browser, if you have any kind of JavaScript enabled. This includes the Tor Web Browser. It was previously the case that using Whonix or Tails prevented this, where by all Tails users appeared the same as each other. However, the developer behind the software … Read more

Calyx Jabber Server TLS Fingerprint Mismatch

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256 So I noticed that the fingerprint for the TLS cert reported on the calyx jabber page, doesn’t match the one currently in use on the jabber server / domain. The reported SHA256 Fingerprint for the TLS cert is: 04266C9D65B49246242753D2EC515F69A2B04F89EE90660D3A9A24C29EDAB5D6 Whereas the actual SHA256 Fingerprint is: 06B6C1B1B158082DD8DCEC4F935F93C2E602CDCF5E249AA2FB1616F8B5EAB40B Furthermore the current … Read more

You're just rubbing the FUD sticks together with that OTR fingerprint in ur Dread profile

My own OTR has changed multiple times without me realising it or knowing why. I bet urs has too. OTR fingerprint in dread profile also creates an undeniable link between whatever incriminating chats u had with LE u thought were friends and ur Dread profile. it adds an uneccesary layer of abstraction to a process … Read more