An infomercial by /d/RCStore: Research Chemicals eduction for harm reduction, this week's focus the RC benzodiazepine ( benzo ) : Clonazolam

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Harm Reduction: Remove the no fent Rule

/u/HugBunter /u/Paris I nearly took fent thinking it was oxy. Thread here, post/3ed2c0c118a87effafe7 The reason? People want to buy fent, but no where here can people openly discuss that. So there is a shared understanding of what exactly is fent, which shares characteristics including very low priced m30 oxys, the “china white” term, and I … Read more

Harm reduction (just an add to the stickied thread)

I commented on the stickied Harm Reduction post (post/6cae4da2cecd5a623d23). But not sure how many people actually bother to scroll down. So thought it might be useful to repost here. An AMaZING source of harm reduction is your local peer-run drug user org (DUO). I am most familiar with what NSW and Vic peer orgs offer, … Read more


Drug use is not without its risks. This thread is to help with tools so that you can party safely and have the support you need if you it. SAFE(R) USE DRUG COMBINATIONS ADDICTION Lifeline: 13 11 14 ANXIETY / DEPRESSION BeyondBlue: 1300 22 4636 LONELINESS / ISOLATION MensLine Australia: 1300 … Read more