Foundation Device biggest update so far – Passport Version 2.1.0: New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes!

The latest version of Foundation Device, Passport Version 2.1.0, has been released with a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes! This is the biggest update to Foundation Device yet, so be sure to check it out and take advantage of all the new features. #Foundation #Device #biggest #update #Passport #Version #2.1.0 #Features #Improvements … Read more

DXM and Telepathy/Life Improvements (LONG POST)

The combination of DXM (dextromethorphan) and Telepathy/Life Improvements (LTI) is an exciting new development in the field of mental health and wellness. DXM is a cough suppressant that has been used for decades to treat coughs and colds, but recent research has shown that it can also be used to improve mental clarity and focus. … Read more

Could Tramadol cause diarrhea instead of constipation? I’ve been taking 50mg a day for the past 2 weeks for pain from a failed root canal and I’ve had an upset stomach with loose stools for the past 4 days. I’ve been off of the Tramadol for about 24 hours with no improvements.

I’m concerned that my current diarrhea may be due to C Diff, as I had taken antibiotics (Cefdinir) two weeks ago and the diarrhea began four days ago. I have been taking Pepto-Bismol, but it hasn’t been helping. I’m also wondering if the Tramadol I’m taking could be the cause. #Tramadol #diarrhea #constipation #Ive #50mg … Read more

Unlreleased Berlusconi market design improvements and backup of the original design

While browsing my old files for another Looking For Work design post, I found some interesting stuff. Some nostalgia for us again. Screenshot http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/berlusconi.png ZIP markup http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/ I also found an unedited version which users back from 2019 and before might now: http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/