Review: JerryGarcia

Hi all! Made this account as I saw a post mentioning him here earlier and wanted to share my experience. Bit of an oldhead so I’ve ordered from him on some random market about 5 years ago, but haven’t since. Recently placed an order from him and was curious cause, while easy to confirm its … Read more

Vendor JerryGarcia

Whats the deal with JerryGarcia? I have been closely following the LSD scene for many years and I’m confused by vendor JerryGarcia. This guy has been around since the original silk road, he has been consistently vending his tabs with great prices. I might be wrong but I’ve never seen him advertised. He has managed … Read more

JerryGarcia Review MDA 14G

Vendor:JerryGarcia Type of order (purchase) Order 14g MDA Marketplace (Which marketplace did you use) FE Required? yes/no Total Price Domestic? yes Rating Service 5/5 good Shipping 4/5 lil slow Stealth 5/5 Great Communication 4/5 lil slow Product Information – Quantity 5/5 14 g HEAVY Potency 6/5 highly potent Price Value 5/5 GREAT Aesthetic/Quality 5/5 pic … Read more