tor.exe version 12 (4.7.12) from the expert bundle doesn’t show console logs anymore and it’s impossible to stop with ctrl+c, it needs to be killed in the task manager

hello, i’m a long time user of the tor expert bundle as my only use case is downloading youtube videos, the recently released tor 4.7.12 is acting very strangely and doesn’t show any logs in the terminal, furthermore it cannot be exited in the terminal like other programs or 4.7.11 and earlier i went to … Read more

I sold a hacked crypto wallet with 93k crypto worth for 1k usd and the newbe killed the log

I sold hacked crypto wallet with 93k to a newbe for 1k and he killed the log, i had to replace it with 2 new cookies one for 39k and another for 22k just so he doesn’t come on dread and start commenting bullshit bout him being scammed. I keep saying this a couple of … Read more