We Recycle Solar unveils largest PV recycling plant in the nation, Arizona plant can process panels of every make and model from any manufacturer

We Recycle Solar has just opened the largest photovoltaic (PV) recycling plant in the United States, located in Arizona. This plant is capable of processing solar panels of any make and model from any manufacturer. This is a major milestone in the effort to reduce the environmental impact of solar energy production. #Recycle #Solar #unveils … Read more

Crypto Wallet Manufacturer Ledger Reportedly Valued at $1.4 Billion

Ledger, a manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets, has reportedly been valued at $1.4 billion, according to a recent report. The company, which produces hardware wallets for storing digital assets, has seen a surge in demand for its products as the cryptocurrency market continues to grow. Ledger has also been expanding its product range, with the launch … Read more

BTC ATM Manufacturer General Bytes faces $1.5 Mln exploit, shuts down cloud service

General Bytes, a manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs, has been hit with a $1.5 million exploit and has consequently shut down its cloud service. The company has stated that the exploit was discovered in its cloud service and that it has taken steps to address the issue. The company has also urged its customers to update … Read more