Appreciation post for /u/NaturesLab *, /u/RoleXtracts, and the whole DankNation community ALSO Callout PrettyPacks for being a prick

COPYING AND PASTING: as I put /u/NaturesBest in the title when /u/NaturesLab deserves all the credit as they are the ones sending me out some products as I deal with the untimely death of my wife. Unfortunately we had to take down the GoFundMe for her funeral costs (Needed $1800 more, I tried loans, selling … Read more

Review – PrettyPacks – qp badder, qp highest grade flower

Hey all! Thought I’d leave a review for my fav vendor, Prettypacks. Have been using them since before CH went down, have been communicating personally rather then using a market (Verus YIKES!). Typical TTD for me in 3 or 4 days, was a little longer this last order. I assume it had something to do … Read more