[Review + Interview] Detroit Runtz!! from LAIN (aka /u/empty)

Happy Friday Danknation homies! I wanted to do something a little different for this review. At the end of the review, I included some bonus content! An interview transcript from an email exchange with Lain, getting to know the vendor, what it was like to grow this crop and what kind of weed he’s into. … Read more

Area420 SAMPLE Review Diamond Runtz and Apple Pie Top Shelf Exotic Marijuana Flowers

Review Score Comments Type of order SAMPLE Order Diamond Runtz Flower Apple Pie Flower Marketplace – Direct Deal FE Required? No Total Price Free Sample Domestic/International – Domestic Rating – – Service 5/5 Excellent Shipping 5/5 3 Days Stealth 5/5 Stealth was good. No smell on outside of package. Two visual barriers, triple vac sealed. … Read more