I don’t know what to believe in anymore. I’ve heard a lot about Contabo canceling servers without warning if its IP address gets a DMCA notification. But they say I can run a Tor exit, and in case of any abuse, we will work out a solution. But their “solution” is cancellation of the server?

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[IRC] Solid server, multiple hidden services, been up for 3 years, no history kept – ircd.chat

feel free to ignore this post, feel free to put it on the sidebar, whatever works. i just know it may come in handy with dread being down. up to date addresses are always available in the form of CNAMEs at tor1.ircd.chat tor2. tor3. etc — current ones are: unwfzxog4zi6crfjcxwbgrxkdde2halgzrft6gbhkzhlgo7onuzlecyd.onion ljxozsuo3rkfhdedxxy5hr7vanxix5rhx7agvplsht5libgqeov3qfid.onion jleorqsw4hrmxcwdb27zsj2qd7nruunthcfbgaip5ulpl73s5zvmfoyd.onion ports: 6667 standard … Read more

App to server with I2P

Hey, how can I get requests from my app to my server with i2p? UPD: I just need to have an i2p node running on the client and then to route the traffic trough address where i2p is running. What are the other good ways for my server to not know the ip addresses of … Read more

Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 5%: Connecting to directory server. (No route to host; NOROUTE; count 19; )

I set up a [private tor network](https://github.com/antitree/private-tor-network) and used the command: curl -vL google.com –proxy socks5://localhost:9050 I am sure that my proxy address is right because I used netcap to see if the listener is listening on port 9050 and it actually is and I used –proxy localhost:9050 and it said Tor is not a … Read more