BTC ATM Manufacturer General Bytes faces $1.5 Mln exploit, shuts down cloud service

General Bytes, a manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs, has been hit with a $1.5 million exploit and has consequently shut down its cloud service. The company has stated that the exploit was discovered in its cloud service and that it has taken steps to address the issue. The company has also urged its customers to update … Read more

I setup a tor service and when I navigate to my .onion it shows this… How can I make this an actual webpage?

To create an actual webpage from your .onion address, you will need to configure a web server on the machine running the Tor service. Once the web server is installed and running, you can create webpages and upload them to the server. Your .onion address will then point to the webpages you have created. #setup … Read more

VW says sorry for child carjacking fiasco, makes safety service free | From June 1, most model-year 2020-2023 VWs can sign up for five free years.

Volkswagen has apologized for the child carjacking fiasco and is offering a free safety service for most model-year 2020-2023 VWs starting June 1. This service will be available for five years at no cost. #child #carjacking #fiasco #safety #service #free #June #modelyear #VWs #sign #free #years