William Shatner – Exotic Light Deps on Alphabay

Vendor Details Product Details Market: Alphabay Vendor Name: William Shatner Escrow Listing: Yes Product: 56g Exotic Light Deps! Like Indoor! Multiple strains available. Want a Combo? Price: $130 with Free priority shipping Quality (1-10): 9 Customer Service Shipping / Stealth Clear Sales Terms: Yes PM Response Time: Nice enough fella, responds when needed- though it … Read more

Will Shatner

I had this guys email from when cannahome went offline and his pgp key. So in wake off all these markets not working and shit i resorted to just emailing this dude. He sent me a list and I’ve been making great orders all the time now. What i’m getting at, without the escrow of … Read more

William Shatner here, here is where to find us and our new Telegram channel!

Hi all! It’s the same Shatner from CannaHome, CGMC, AlphaBay, Empire, etc.. sucks about Versus but we are on Bohemia. You can find us right on that market homepage in the featured listings section. Also, and WAY better, below is our email and new Telegram channel. When you hit us through these there is no … Read more