Cup Winning Sativa: Lemon Bubble (Top Shelf – Like Stand on Your Tippy Toes and Stretch Top Shelf *pics*)

Cup Winning Sativa Lemon Bubble Lemon Bubble’s earthy taste is reminiscent of the finest Amesterdam Coffee House nugs. The Sativa multi-cup winner hails from Pheno Finder Seeds. Lemon Bubble lends an effortless euphoria to meditation, excercise and other activities. This Small batch, connoisseur cannabis was cultivated indoors and pesticide free and harvested after a 2 … Read more

[Review] Hells OG Kush – REAL Top Shelf Flower from drgreenthumb4201

Vendor drgreenthumb4201 Market Direct Contact [email protected] Product 28g Flower Cost 260 Stealth Proper visual, odor barrier, labeled strain and weight Summary I’m never shy to try one of DGTs premium harvests. The quality of this weed is just off the chain. Photos | Photo 1 | Photo 2 Strain Info This strain was developed by … Read more

Area420 SAMPLE Review Diamond Runtz and Apple Pie Top Shelf Exotic Marijuana Flowers

Review Score Comments Type of order SAMPLE Order Diamond Runtz Flower Apple Pie Flower Marketplace – Direct Deal FE Required? No Total Price Free Sample Domestic/International – Domestic Rating – – Service 5/5 Excellent Shipping 5/5 3 Days Stealth 5/5 Stealth was good. No smell on outside of package. Two visual barriers, triple vac sealed. … Read more