Inorganic shilling, learn to recognize it and stay away. PiNetwork & BONK

If you’ve been here long enough you’ll notice that every now and then some new projects will pop up out of the blue. Sometimes it’s something you may have noticed before that just wasn’t on your radar, but other times it’s something that out of the blue is suddenly shilled in such a way that … Read more

Uncle walt here shilling my bulk address clean-up & .CSV creation tool for USPS shipping labels tool again. Say that 10 times fast. And then do 20 pus

There’s gotta be a better title for what this tool does but I’m too retarded to know what it is. I’ve been trying to think of ways to quickly explain why this is such a useful feature for vendors, and here’s what I’ve come up with: This tool takes as many destination addresses (no matter … Read more

Archetyp is a geat market on the /d/DarkNetMarkets’Superlist. Click to see what I'm shilling on Achetyp

WE are currently offering a free ¼ Oz with every Oz of our EmeraldCity Medical Grade cannabis strains. We have 8 listings priced from $105 to $117. Below are picture links of Gelato Frosting our most photogenic offering. Trigger Warning!! Some of pictures below were taken before these products were even of age to be … Read more

Users Kethada and Biff have been banned due to shilling, as evidenced below.

A number of the users voicing disdain in this thread have been found out to be shills: /post/873feee03d863dbc072d Two of them being /u/Biff and /u/Kethada. Kethada was suspected of being a competing vendor dogpiling on legitimate reviews in an attempt to kick his competition while they’re down and propel himself forward. Even the PGI and … Read more