WTF?! Janet Jackson song from 1989 declared a cybersecurity vulnerability for crashing hard drives

WTF?! “People of the world today, are we looking for a better way of life?” sang Janet Jackson on her 1989 hit Rhythm Nation, not knowing that the better way of life she was talking about didn’t include certain hard drives. It’s just been revealed that the song has the power to crash particular models … Read more

The Drug Song.

A parody of “Elements” by Tom Lehrer, itself a parody of “The Major-General’s Song” by Gilbert and Sullivan. There’s Proscaline, Amantadine, Ibogaine and Cannabis And 2C-B and C and D And E for psychedelic bliss. Adrenaline and Ayahuasca, High-dose Methamphetamine. And of course we can’t forget Deoxymethoxetamine. Amanita Muscaria, DMT and Mescaline, Alcohol and Ecstasy, … Read more