Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 5%: Connecting to directory server. (No route to host; NOROUTE; count 19; )

I set up a [private tor network]( and used the command: curl -vL –proxy socks5://localhost:9050 I am sure that my proxy address is right because I used netcap to see if the listener is listening on port 9050 and it actually is and I used –proxy localhost:9050 and it said Tor is not a … Read more

Package got stuck at customs almost 2 weeks and no cops ring door

Its been now more then 2 weeks and it still says ‘International arrival – awaiting clearance’ This means it got stuck at the customs I am sure about that because every package I received from this vendor always passed customs after 4-5 hours. Anyways I haven’t received any cops that ring the door or just … Read more