Unlreleased Berlusconi market design improvements and backup of the original design

While browsing my old files for another Looking For Work design post, I found some interesting stuff. Some nostalgia for us again. Screenshot http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/berlusconi.png ZIP markup http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/berlusconi-market-local-copy.zip I also found an unedited version which users back from 2019 and before might now: http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/backup.zip