HS operators: update your Tor versions

Tor version released at June 17th should be accessible at all distros now, so whether you build the binary yourself or fetch them from a distro, you should be good to update. This version fixes a DDoS vulnerability that is currently a CVE candidate CVE-2022-33903, and labelled TROVE-2022-001 with “High” severity. Changes in version … Read more

[PSA] Serious security vulnerability in TOR BROWSER [ALL VERSIONS AFFECTED]

Upgrade Tor Browser to the latest release (11.0.13) immediately where possible and ensure you have JavaScript Disabled in Tor Browser at all times, as always. This vulnerability is present in Firefox, and so affects all previous Tor Browser versions < 11.0.13. Affects all platforms, including Tails, as detailed in their warning below. They cannot currently … Read more