Tell me you are a bitcoiner without telling me you are a bitcoiner


I’m a fan of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I’m always keeping up with the latest news and developments in the space. I’m an advocate for the potential of digital currencies and the power of decentralization.

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Isn’t that just common sense?




Once you see it…


Families told to “SEPARATE” at 18 by design as well. We all know its rigged as we continue to tell everyone its rigged the sooner it will be rigged in our favor…. Hopefully for all of us not the few of us.


He might be onto something there…


Fuck Craig Wright!! aka Faketoshi.


I’m Satoshi Nakamoto


The fact that no one on this sub seems to know who this is is a little strange


I am incredibly resilient to the stress brought on by the thought of losing my entire Fortune


This is how I know we’re still so early. See a lot of people who post like this with tons of likes and comments on various platforms, but no one is really mentioning bitcoin in the discussions. I think most people have compartmentalized it as a “crypto gambling thing” and we have a lot of room to grow till they figure out how much more it is


I am a bitcoiner.

He is so close. It’s called capitalism. Capitalism without central banks and the Fed existed and it was just as ruthless.

Read Smedley Butlers book War is a Racket. Capitalism leads to imperialism abroad or fascism at home. Central banks are just one of the many tools for capitalists to help fleece the workers.

Powell said it many times out in the open, they are increasing rates to REIGN IN WORKER POWER. It’s not a mystery or even hidden anymore


“you need to work harder and buy more stuff”


So bitcoiners are paranoiacs who confuse the iron laws of oligarchy and bureaucracy for an intentional, organized conspiracy?


Ahh yes, there’s this giant shadow in control of everything. Ooga booga




I never shut up about the benefits of blockchain technology and how it will change the world.


(12 x Ryzen 9 )+ (12 x GeForce rtx 4090) = HODL


Rambling on about how a store of value is better than a medium of exchange.


Manufacturing consent.


He’s not wrong


Tell me your a tom McDonald fan without telling me your a tom McDonald

The system-


I calculate every bill’s worth in sats before paying.


Inflation and deflation both make the rich richer.


Cold card ..engaged


Fuck Will, he was a shitcoiner


“Happy staying poor”


It doesn’t take a conspiracy. Fear keeps viewers/readers/listeners engaged. So the net result is fear of each other.


Orange you glad I did not say fiat.


Disagree. Do you guys think businesses love inflation?


It’s a funny comment because Will is what, 19?


What happens to bitcoin if all the worlds Internet shut down


If you don’t know or Get it
I don’t have time to explain it to you
Im sorry


True. The Democrats and Republicans play off each other.


While endenturing third world nations to facilitate the status quo of the otherwise insolvent western monetary monopoly of the world. Go team.


The older I get? Isn’t this guy 14 years old?


I’ve lost so much money and my family asks what I spend it on and I say nothing


lot of bitcoiners don’t see this way. lots of bitcoiners were jabbed/in support of jabs too.


Bread and circuses




If you believe this it follows that also elections are all rigged.


This thought is so cliche 🙄 He just could have said “corruption + propaganda exists” and made his point.

It’s completely retarded because politics and news serve many purposes… sometimes it’s propaganda, and sometimes it’s corruption. Especially with dinosaur firms like MSNBC, news corp etc… who are basically circling the drain at this point. Once the boomers move on, most if these old school media firms will be dead. New waves of politicians will move in too and it _should_ be a tiny bit better than it is now – every generation makes a slight improvement over the last… most of the time. I say ‘should’ and ‘most of the time’, because things tend to gradually just improve super slowly. But who knows, things could just completely go belly up too. Literally anything could happen.

To say that they exist solely for this purpose is ludicrous. The level of coordination and cooperation amongst all national governments and institution for this to happen is just to complicated. Countries squabble over petty shit every day, countries also go to fucking war every day. There’s no ‘orchestration’ it’s just different factions fighting and competing with each other for power. Barely any different than tribes of monkeys having turf wars. That’s exactly what we are – _monkeys_ … we just happen to have lots of flashy tools and gadgets because our brains are More evolved, so it appears to be way more extravagant than it actually is… it’s just same old evolved monkeys acting like evolved monkeys (AKA humans).

For the most part they’re just function the way their titles suggest – ‘news’ and ‘politics’. We need information, and we also need systems run by politicians for a functioning society lol. Yes there are corrupt politicians, yes there are corrupt news outlets… this tweet isn’t insightful or profound in anyway, nor is it anything most of us haven’t thought of while washing our buttholes in the shower. Any adult with half a brain has probably had the thought. It just happens that this nitwit decided it was necessary to broadcast his ‘epiphany’ the world… isn’t twitter just great 😐… everyone gets to broadcast their lame thoughts onto the internet (just the same as I’m doing now).

Of course there are people who try to monopolise industries, information, institutions and whatever else they can get their greedy hands on. People seek power and it’s human nature.

Aside from how retarded this tweet is is, the part which annoys me the most is the grammar. Why tf did he have to write that big block of text in one sentence??? It hurts my eyes just to read it… It hurts my brain to know how many people this tweet seemed to have a positive impact on. Jesus Christ twitter is stupid.


I like to brag about my hobby and try to get other people to join in on my hobby. But when they join and start asking questions about it cause they need help and know they know nothing, i start showing my dominance by pointing out how dumb they are for getting into something they know nothing about and brag about how i know so much about it and had it work for me.

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