The Earth Is Begging You to Accept Smaller EV Batteries

The Earth Is Begging You to Accept Smaller EV Batteries

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Earth is begging you to invest in public transport solutions to save the climate rather than the car industry.


Then the earth is going to have to help me pay for it. I can’t afford even a low range EV, and neither can millions of other Americans.


A while I wonder if I “really need to drive” to visit your mother or go to work, the ultra rich take a private plane for 20 min flight and big corporation pollute more in a second then me in my whole lifetime.

The earth ain’t begging for shit it will be fine after were all dead. Stop shifting the blame on consumer.


I asked the Earth if I should get a smaller EV Batteries and it didn’t reply so I spit on it


Plug in hybrids. Size a battery that captures 50 miles of range for majority of daily driving. Gas engine for remainder long trips. Battery technology isn’t fully ready nor is the supply chain.


I’m all for increases in efficiency – especially in cold weather or higher speeds – but if this is suggesting we should buy cars with lower ranges, I can’t see that happening.

Currently it’s a pretty tough sell to deal with a ~250 mile range battery, and if we want mass adoption of EVs more manufacturers need to offer 300-400 mile range EVs.


Plug in hybrids seem like such an easy answer.
You get most of the benefits of electric as 90% of most drivers trips are less than 25miles, with the added benefit of having a gas powered car you can fill up anywhere.

Less battery, less cost, keep most of the upside.


Can we just build electric trains please electric cars still have all the problems of regular cars minus the oil


I totally understand the problem here and think it need attention. That being said we should do nothing that harms progress toward electrification.

For me, worrying about pollution due to battery manufacturing is like worrying that your house is a huge mess… while it’s also on fire.

Absolutely clean your house, but maybe prioritize putting out the fire first. These “batteries are bad” articles always feel a bit like there’s probably fossil fuel money behind them somewhere.


Why don’t we legislate right of way for passenger trains and actually invest in transit infrastructure?

The real problem here is cars. How often would you use your vehicle to get around if you could cheaply and reliably take transit?


If they want smaller range vehicles, then they better invest in better general transportation. For most people a low range EV would be fine. It’s when you have to take off on a trip or something that throws a wrench in all of that.

If the US would have followed say Europe and developed our Train system more. Where I could drive my short range EV to a nearby train station and then have unlimited access to being able to go to most major cities in the US aboard a train. Then had reliable and safe public transport between the train stations and where I needed to go. There would be way less people with cars and way less need for cars.

Automakers will never let that happen as long as they can lobby. Petroleum doesn’t like the idea either. That’s less fuel spent in general.

The U.S. in general became extremely car centric and values personal space and privacy. Public transport at this point would be a tough push on many. It is truly the way we need to be going though.


The Undecided Podcast has some interesting coverage of the aluminum-air battery. Pretty slam dunk from three perspectives: convenience (the battery is super light so you literally carry it into a service station, exchange it for a fully charged one, and keep driving), extremely low environmental impact, and mileage – vehicles can travel much further than on a lithium ion battery.

The drawback is price. The catalyst is literally silver. Albeit it small quantities and nearly 100% reusable indefinitely. As the price of lithium goes up, these batteries become more attractive. So much so that India (which produces a lot of the worlds aluminum) is betting on it, including one of their largest energy companies.

All this to say that there are other options out there beyond those immediately in front of us too. None are perfect, but if the goal is really environmental protection then we shouldn’t be talking about single-service vehicles anyways. We should be building high speed grid systems for mass transit with self-driving EVs for “last mile” local commuting.


Hybrid until we work out better way, horse has bolted though.


No, the Earthlink is begging you to stop driving everywhere in the first place


Earth is begging for us to have even more shit cars for long distance commuting ?

I bet earth wants us to pay same price for the small batteries as we do for the large ones too …


No, we’re begging you to FO


Hydrogen FCEV, at the very least for semis. Tesla Semi battery alone is seriously **10,000 lbs** or more.


None of this is going to work unless we get rid of single family homes. And that’s not going to happen cuz people simply don’t want to live that close together. I know that I don’t. I don’t want to share a ceiling a floor and walls with my neighbors. I don’t want my neighbors intimately aware of my comings and goings, and who visits me. I want some space. I don’t want to share a common area for grilling, for swimming in a pool, or relaxing outside.


If the earth is truly in a climate emergency, and politicians actually cared about it, we could drastically reduce vehicle emissions immediately. We even did a test run of this for two years and it worked.

If you can work from home you must work from home. That would immediately eliminate the emissions from most of rush hour. We don’t need to wait another 20 years for EVs to take over and gasoline engines to be phased out. We can do it right now.

We could allow for one or two days in the office per month for face to face meetings and team building.

Taking unnecessary traffic out of rush hour would also reduce the emissions that people who need to go somewhere for work would emit.

We could make a difference right away, but we won’t.


The Earth should be smaller then so shorter-range cars are acceptable.


EV is not a solution to this problem. Invest in public transportation.


Not true

Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LFP ) batteries are made from iron

The average Honda car has 1,500 lbs of steel

So, gas cars can just be recycled into EV batteries

China is beginning to flood the world with electric cars and will destroy oil and gas consumption

This will cause Russia and OPEC to loose all oil and gas revenues so the end of Islamic terror and Jihad is near and so is the end of Russia


For a population of 7 billion+ people nothing other than public transport makes sense


damn…I kinda don`t care.


Oh, so Mother Nature needs a favor? Well maybe she should have thought of that when she was besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys! Nature started the fight for survival and now she wants to quit because she’s losing. Well I say ‘hard cheese


Earth doesn’t beg. It will kill us all off if it comes to it.


EV batteries will be switched to Sodium based, soon.


Kids mining metals, awesome

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