The Reddit app is suggesting to back up your vault via cloud using Google drive. I highly suggest you do not do this.

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I think this is fine for average users. The entire internet works behind encryption, and is not easy to break if well implemented.

I assume they’re encrypting the seed phrases with a mix between the user Vault password and some kind of encryption key or certificate on the Reddit side, and they’re probably adding extra steps to standard encryption algorithms.

I’d still go for storing it offline, but this is not as insecure as everyone in the comment section thinks. I bet even you wouldn’t be able to decrypt your own seed phrase from the file stored in Drive, and you start knowing your Vault’s password AND with access to the file


Just record yourself rapping the phrase and upload it to SoundCloud. Nobody will know what it is.


They’ve likely added this feature to appeal to casual users who aren’t super confident about manually backing up their seed phrase.

But I would hope most of the users on here avoid using cloud backups for sensitive data after reading about one of the many cloud hacking incidents, e.g.

> LastPass announced that the hacker behind the previous breach (August 2022) has hacked a senior engineer’s home computer and obtained access to a critical corporate vault available to only four top employees. **The vault gave the hacker access to a cloud-storage environment that contained encryption keys for 30 million customer vault backups** stored on Amazon web servers, as well as “decryption keys needed to access the AWS S3 LastPass production backups, other cloud-based storage resources, and some related critical database backups.”


Luckily for me it doesn’t show that option. Only way to backup is to reddit.


thanks for the reminder. cloud storage for passwords is all the rage, but as you point out, isn’t the safest.


Please listen to this person.

Low tech is the best. Pen and paper. Multiple copies.


My wife took my seed. She is holding it…at least for 9 months now.

That is the safest way. Not even she knows the combination.


I don’t trust anything on the cloud to remain secure, ever.


Okay, let’s get real here. Your Vault on the Reddit app isn’t really a cold wallet, and it was never intended to be one. It’s always gonna be online and vulnerable to risks. So honestly, having a cloud backup doesn’t seem like such a bad idea for something like this IMHO


Don’t store your seed phrase anywhere that can ever be accessed by the internet.

Laziness will cost you money


Google Drive isn’t safe


A tip to everyone : NEVER , ever, store any seed phrase ONLINE

Repeat after me again : Never ever store any of your seed phrase online

That’s like storing your house keys somewhere in an open garden and hoping a robber doesn’t find it. A Redditor got hacked for over 300k recently because he stored his seed online


Write it down, store it safely


Don’t. Backup. Seed. Phrases. Digitally.


Yea, I agree the alarm bells went off when I saw that because I couldn’t understand why it was being offered.

Convenience over security, no thanks.


Keep it simple, a piece of paper and a pen


Fully agree, seeds and private keys don’t belong into cloud storage, even encrypted. Or at leats someone should REALLY understand what he is doing when he does that, and the average user doesn’t.

However I see Reddits problem here. They told users to write down their seeds, but users didn’t do it. Then users lose their vaults and start harassing support because of their lost avatars / RCPs.

I think the only lasting solution for the vault can be made by smart contract based wallets, and this might become a big thing in the next years.


They’re already selling my data and now I should trust them with my crypto?


I’ve just done this, I’m a bit miffed since I didn’t set up the vault many months ago none of my desktop redditting counted towards my moons, but that’s just how it goes I guess.


The only trustworthy backup is YOU. whatever you think is the most responsible backup method than that’s what you will go with. Nobody should be to blame but yourself if anything happens with your own money.


I would not trust any cloud storage. Best backup is you and brain


Dude why would you ruin that nice MOON number you got there!?


Yet another reason why you shouldnt blindly follow any advice you see on Reddit


A hacker would have to hack Google to gain access to your seed phrase, and if they’re capable of that, there’s a lot more they’d make from that ability than stealing reddit moons and avatars.

Yeah, they could try “hacking” you, by phishing your passwords or something, but people are literally always trying that. So… You’re really at no greater risk than you already are, having a public presence on reddit with a flaunted moon/avatar.


I didn’t not know that thanks.


No thanks! I prefer to store my information as hieroglyphs etched into my model Bass Pro Shop Pyramid!


There’s one guy a few days ago who lost more than 200k because he keep his seed on evernote and sync it to the cloud, so there’s already an example how this can end very badly.


Might as well take a screen shot also.

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