The Windows XP activation algorithm has been cracked | The unkillable OS rises from the grave… Again

The Windows XP activation process has been successfully bypassed, allowing the seemingly indestructible operating system to be resurrected once more.

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2024 year of the XP desktop.


I both love and miss XP, so many great memories of video games and Pinball.


Wouldn’t mind using XP in a sandboxed VM. Any idea where I could download a copy?


I’m building an XP machine right now, this should come in handy.


Arise XP arise.


The article mentions a very important point

A LOT of old hardware, often costing thousands or even millions, still requires the old OS. And no, getting an upgrade is usually not an option, since much of the old hardware is either obsolete or the companies that made it are dead

There are CNC machines running MS-DOS on 286 motherboards


Windows XP and 7 are the best. I’m tired of all this telemetry and adware.


I hope MS just stop BS in Windows 11. Just stop making stupid unusable setting UI and focusing on important thing like stability and clean up the old stuff


I still have one single XP workstation that’s running a laser particle sizing machine from the 90s. It uses a proprietary PCI card so drivers aren’t available for later OS. I wish we could replace it, but new particle sizing hardware is close to six figures.

I get regular requests to bring it onto the network so the engineers don’t have to sneakernet it, but I give them a big old HELL NO. Airgap that fucker like the Grand Canyon.


Everyone in here lining up to stroke Windows XP, but no love for Windows 2000? Honestly — Windows 2000 was *PEAK* Windows. Minimal enough, very little bloat, ran everything XP did, great SMP support, etc.


Progress on ReactOS has been glacial. 🙁


I’m holding out for when [Reactos]( is as good as XP. Should only take a decade or so.


For some reason my brain just played that XP shut down tone as soon as I read the title.


Mechwarrior 2 ran like a beast on that OS.


7 was the best. XP was second best.


Ok, everybody is saying that it should not be connected to the internet, but I wanna know what exactly happens!

Are there just bots that scan the internet and attack every vulnerable machine?


XP PRO, 2KPRO, (W7 Ultimate (main squeeze))


What? I’m pretty sure it was cracked the day of release. I was using cracked copies since the FCKGW serial number.


I bet I can get Doom to run on that…


And if you need a browser that can open modern websites with modern SSL for XP, check out the Firefox fork Mypal.


Windows Media Center is back on the menu boys!!!!


Phone activation absolutely works. Had to set up an XP machine for an ICP-MS that the PCI comm board won’t work with newer version. Through an oops in setting the BIOS clock, I ended up exceeding the 30 day activation window. Had to call the 800 number. It’s super clunky and takes about 3 tries to get it to work, but it definitely worked in the end.


My boss just got a new work laptop and they put Windows 11 on it and he’s pissed since it doesn’t work right all the time. How can MS go from XP/7 to the crap they have made since? I don’t get it.


this is good news! *logs into dark web*


Doest this include XP64?


I am curious if any of the information that David plummer showed in his YouTube had any impact on hints to do it. Could be [coincidence]( and it has been two years.

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