There are more software wallets than MetaMask

The web3 wallet space is exploding and there are some really great wallets out there. Some have really great features, integrations, and nice user experience. I do see MetaMask still mentioned here synonymous with “wallet”, I want to encourage everyone to try them out!

Some of my favorite:

1. [Rainbow]( Beautiful fun UI and great NFT and ENS integration
2. [Coinbase Wallet]( This is a separate product from the exchange. It has some great features and seamless transfer of funds from your Coinbase account, while having full custody of your funds.
3. [Phantom]( Created for Solana but Ethereum support on the way.
4. [ZenGo]( An interesting approach to account safety with no private keys. Not much experience with it but I like the exploration of alternatives to seed phrases.

Some others: Exodus, Guarda, Backpack, Status, Brave, OKX Wallet, Trust, Family, Easy, WebAuth, Keplr,, and Spot

Which have you tried?

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I use metamask because it supports most of the chains. Noone said it’s the best or most secure or whatnot… It’s just the most convenient for me. On the other hand i use exodus, atomic, coinbase, keplr and a few others for native chains. They all do the job to be fair.


We all know that decentralization is a core principle of crypto, but that does beyond the protocol level. It means having different clients to run and interact with the Blockchain. It means having different nodes and even explorers where we source our information from. Wallets are no exception; having high wallet diversity protects the ecosystem from a single point of failure.


>Which have you tried?



>Which have you tried?

Many, and so far I like the most as Metamask replacement on desktop (a.o. because it’s open source, and not tied to Infura), it takes a while to get used to though.

On mobile Zerion, Rainbow (both mainly as watch only) and imToken.


I have never heard of Rainbow before.


I use Brave. Wish it worked for all coins though.


You have full custody of anything you hold in the coinbase wallet? Genuine question btw I’ve seen others mention on the sub that you don’t.


I love Phantom. Have been a SOL fan for a long time.


I’ve tried Metamask, exodus and trustwallet. They all do the job, however to be more safe you should check out hardware wallets


Trust is great and easy to use. Also has in-built staking for some coins


Nobody in this fuckin sub thought there is only one software wallet


Metamask loves those BSC shitcoins.


Rabby wallet. It’s all setup from the go with all the other chains there are. Not token imports required


Arbitrum Nova has me on Metamask because I don’t see a place to add a custom network somewhere in Trust Wallet. Besides that I’ve used Pera, Defly, Phantom, Solflare, some wallet for Vite, Kallium, Natrium, Coinomi. That covers the ones I can remember


I use my ledger nano x great hard wallet but I also use trust wallet never had a issue with it and never had it hacked before either great wallet easy to use and supports pretty much everything


Honestly I’ve only used metamask. It’s more of a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it type of thing.


Is there better than metamask for if you mainly use software wallets for moons or should I just keep using metamask.


Keplr for cosmos, Nova for dot ,airgap for tezos,cdcs defi wallet too interact with vvs,and one inch wallet too cover ethereum. Plus a ledger .


Gamestop wallet. Loopring Wallet


Metamask because it works with my Trezor, beyond that I use Keplr for 1 chain that isn’t on MM. I use them on a desktop as I refuse to have any crypto apps on my mobile.


I think in my life I’ve tried about 30 wallets. What is important for me now is that the wallets work well with hardware wallets.

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