This market should have been controlled by its community, not some centralized exchange executives

The whole reason behind crypto in the first place was to get rid of the control of central governments over our hard earned funds.And yeah I know that centralized exchanges are needed for ramps but we’ve reached a point where we’ve given the same amount of power that a government has over our money in its banks

Whats even more ironic is that these centralized exchanges are government compliant. Meaning whatever the government wants, the government can order from them.They’re technically a proxy for the FED in the crypto world.

We seriously need to bring back the power of DAOs.

Decentralized organizations are the only way we can overcome this issue because with DAOs the community can vote on whatever they see fit.

The Curvedao community decided to add liquidity to their pools and so they did, without the intervention of an executive

The Bitdao community decided to build their own L2 and then buying back $100 million worth of their native tokens, and so they did, without the intervention of an executive

The AAVE community decided to launch their own stablecoin and so they’re voting on it right now and whatever the result is, gets implemented, again without the intervention of an executive.

We DONT need top managers and executives taking decisions for us in a market where the entire sophistication of the tech revolves around giving coin holders the power backed by their token/coin

We NEED to boost decentralization no matter the cost.

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It’s so simple. Buy Bitcoin, self custody, be free.

It’s always been the way. All these shit coins are slowing us all down.


Everyone in this community initially purchased their crypto from centralized exchanges soooooo



I do think there are some assets completely driven by their communities. For instance, DIA. Impressive project, impressive team, and since the community gets incentives for little stuffs, they are all out helping the project grow.


Well, hindsight is a bitch isn’t it? We should’ve known that CEOs like Machinsky and SBF having full control over billions of dollars of user funds was not the best idea.

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