Tiny data centre used to heat public swimming pool

A small-scale data centre is being utilized to provide heat to a public swimming pool.

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Great example of synergy / win-win scenario.


Folks have been trying to make this work at scale for years, the whole “Heat your home with a data center” project is what, a decade old at this point? The issue is always that a consolidated data center is more efficient to operate than hundreds of satellite centers, at least historically. I wish these folks the best of luck, but i think the good money is these systems going dark in under 5 years.


Kinda reminds me. of [this Linus Techtips video](https://youtube.com/watch?v=1WLIm4XLPAE) with the radiator


Someone should tell Rishi Sunak


In Siberia grannies dry their tomatoes using Bitcoin rigs.


Supercomputing center I worked at in Switzerland moved closer in to town but still needed to cool their system. So they ran a pipe down to the big lake sucked in the cold water and sent back warm water. The town used to the return water for heating buildings near the pipe and when they asked the local fisherman if it would impact them in any way they all said ‘just tell us where the pipe comes out’ because thats where they were going to be fishing from now on.


The heat from my fridge should help heat the house in winter. In winter the cold outside should help my fridge be cold. Idk why this isn’t a thing.


Large data center used to heat Earth.


Any better articles than the BBC?


serious question, as I don’t know enough to make a cogent statement about any possible health risks with heated/energized water (electrolysis?) or of any dissolution of metals into the water being used. Does the swimming water make actually contact with the metal parts being cooled or is it isolated? Any possible health risks to those swimming? 🧐


Reusing waste heat from EV chargers? I’ve always thought it would make sense to heat water in your home.


They just sole Linus’ idea lol. Cool to see this being used, it’s a great way to not waste the energy


Big one is used to heat up the ocean__






We’re gonna need a bigger pool.


Why aren’t we using this tech to heat homes or heat drive ways and side walks.


Now you just need to overclock it a bit and you heat swimming pools a lot quicker that way due to the extra heat generated by your hardware running faster than the manufacturer intended.


Perfect use of a production by product. innovation at its best


I for one welcome my new role running the kids Waterslide at Datacentre water park
Dude, you can wear shorts every day!


Hey big company want to build a data center in our town? Build a public pool and heat it with it.

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