Top 3 Pieces of advice you’d give anyone new to accessing the deep and darkweb

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I’ve got a small article about how secure Tor really is here:

there are custom operating systems, Whonix and Tails specifically designed for Tor r/tailstutorial to get you started

Tor is not the only darknet. Theres i2p, loki, yggdrasil and many more.

The “scary illegal darknet” actually is completely overhyped. The best usecase is to circumvent censorship and surveillance. Wheather that be in a relationship, or on the scale of entire countries. Check out to really see how free the world is – the western world at least. In the majority of countries, the internet is not such a free place.


VPNs are nowhere near the best security, everyone you talk to is a potential threat to your well-being, don’t ever order anything directly to your house.


– Get a your OpSec right according to your threat model
– Understand the tech you are using. Most people have no fucking clue what a VPN actually is.
– Security by obscurity never works.

Also note: if there is some form of logistics involved, like getting drugs or guns via the postal system, you can and will be tracked by law enforcement.


Tails or whonix is better than whatever you’re using

Don’t use a VPN to connect to Tor, use bridges instead if you are being blocked (and if not, don’t, connect manually)

Don’t download anything (unless you enjoy malware on your device)


The difference between the deep wen and the dark web,

is that the deep web is best described as uncategorized information. Information before Google or any other search engine crawlers sort it.

The dark web is where the actual illegal stuff can be. You use Tor to access that

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