TOR and VPN – False Sense of Security?

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stop using a VPN with Tor.


If you don’t trust tor… Then why would you trust a VPN. You can add more tor nodes to your connection. Which is essentially what the VPN is doing


That’s a quite polemic topic about TOR and VPN working together , so navigating through the dark web requires a lot of prudence , so you may find lot of useful stuff and , bad things also.

So trusting a reliable VPN provider may sound as an act of faith , a blind trust act , ( even though I am not a religious person) . So for choosing a VPN you should make a correct research about different providers and so in my opinion I’ve found Proton VPN is an intelligent choice , because of people who chooses that provider , and the people behind them (CERN ) .

Even though it has it’s limitations , so avoid visit suspicious onion sites, and giving personal information about you , I’ve found it’s the real hazard for your privacy .(Talking more than you have).

Navigating in dark web it’s for judicious people , and it should be done with care.

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