Trusted benzo?

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You must absolutely test for fent personally, don’t blindly trust reviews. Also, even if they’re clean for fent, understand they sometimes are far stronger than pharma and can be very inconsistent dose to dose with concentration of benz to filler. Tolerance goes up very fast too.


Do research on Dread, find out what benzo vendors people are talking about, who they recommend, who’s selling bunk shit. There are some subs where people post test results of products they got from different vendors, check those. On the market, see who has good ratings and good reviews. Get some fentanyl test strips and benzo reagents and make sure what you bought is what it’s supposed to be.




Whatever eastern euro benzo they put in the bars, you build up a tolerance so fast it makes Xanax look like jelly beans. I have little to no tolerance, and yet I could eat 6 bars while having an episode, and they’d barely touch it, while prescribed benzos at a low dose would actually help.

I think the batch I got was Bromazolam and Clonozolam, 4/10, wouldn’t buy again.


You really shouldn’t head down the benzo rabbit hole. Take it from a pro.


Benzos Are the devil man – I’ve made many mistakes in life but the #1 mistake I’ve made was putting myself on benzos thinking I was helping myself when in actuality I just made all my problems far worse. Withdrawals are hell. Also, long term benzo use is associated with early onset dementia. Not worth it it. I have alternative suggestions for you if interested.


This might be crazy but why don’t you ask your doctor for a prescription? Do not take pills mailed to you by some internet rando.


If you require the real thing, then go to the Dr. FFS










There are a lot of reasons why you are feeling the way you are. You don’t need drugs that may be potentially laced to get through what you are going through. You should pay the most attention to the people who have taken their time to warn you against it. It really is a rabbit hole, but you are already in a rabbit hole. You are probably going to have a panic attack thinking the pill you just took could be laced. You can get rid of all the symptoms you are having by just doing a few things that don’t require a prescription. Message me and I’ll tell you how to get rid of your GERD and LPR symptoms.


Maybe try some clearnet options first like alternating between phenibut, 1, 4bdo, carisoprodol at low doses to avoid dependency before delving in to the slippery slope of rc benzos

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