Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy

Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy

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What all this Twitter drama as shown me, is just how little I care or used Twitter. It’s one of those things that I think are important to me, but when I sit down and think about it I do not use it for anything. I think I just keep it around so I can use it to enter some contests sometimes.


Musk still doesnt understand twitter. The misinformation policy is all about ad dollars. And all advertisers care about is the ROI of the ads they buy. Buying ads next to misinformation just damages the brand that they have to pay more later to clean up (in PR fees, community programs, etc).


TBF, they aren’t enforcing any policies because they no longer have the manpower to do it.


How does the saying go? “Misinformation has to be free…or 8 bucks a month.”


musk has been experiencing the [content moderation learning curve]( for several weeks, and in that entire time, he hasn’t learned a fucking thing. He’s still acting like “go woke go broke” is a real thing, and going broke because it’s fucking not.


Gonna get booted from the Apple Store and then it’s game over.


I’m not on Twitter but maybe a downvote button is coming that would help make the service more self correcting?


Elon really wants to see how far he can push before getting kicked off Apples app store huh? Zero moderation is a big no no for them lol


Whatever advertisers are left are going to have their brands being associated with healthcare misinformation, Holocaust deniers, and other extremists. They have to be either stupid or crazy.

Also how can Apple and Google support this on their app store? There has to be some accountability here if they are profiting off these dangerous lies!


Freeze Peach!!


Man. Musk really decided to go ahead and only do the things required to actually hurt society.


Mastodon is an interesting project. I opened my account and ditching Twitter.


Dude really is going to take the longest road possible to realizing advertisers are the best way to keep the website making money and he will have to be beholden to them. It was never some leftist sjw’s running the website. Oreo just doesn’t want their ad next to a bunch of racist shit. Kills overall marketing. That’s why they had TOS at all.


Who will tweet Elon Musk created Covid to thin the herd?


So did Elon just abandon trying to fix Twitter’s bot problem?


Have fun trying to fill a spot that 4chan already occupies. I only use Twitter to talk to companies and it’s eerily clear they are pulling out and focusing on other platforms


How is this guy such a transparent lolcow, and no one else is commenting on it?


There are space aliens (actually Hillary and Obama) injecting us with reptile blood harvested from our children held captive on Mars !

It HAS TO BE TRUE, I read it on Twitter! Spread the Word! 🙂



I no longer use Twitter.


Just one more step towards total disinformation just like Russsia


Cool, even more misinformation and conspiracy theories being repeated online until they’re dogma IRL. Scary places we’re going.


The Chief Twit has commanded, let the lies flow forth. Truth, not in our name. /s


Who gives a shit.

Anyone looking to Twitter, or any social media, for their medical advice has already lost in the game of life.

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